Webmail provides access to your Pomona College e-mail from any web browser.

Security and Webmail

Clicking Log Out in Outlook Web Access does not log you out. To secure your e-mail from anyone who might use the computer after you, you must completely close the browser.

Faculty and Staff:

Faculty and staff use Microsoft Outlook Web Access, giving access to e-mail, calendars, contacts, tasks, and the public folders.

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Quick and easy access to your email via Webmail (Facultly & Staff).

Students and Alumni

Pomona College students and alumni have lifetime e-mail accounts. This system is accessible at mymail.pomona.edu, which will take you to the Outlook Live login page.

For these accounts, the Windows Live ID is also your lifetime e-mail address, username@mymail.pomona.edu, e.g. ces02007@mymail.pomona.edu.

KnowledgeBase Articles (requires Pomona login)

Outlook Live Webmail access (Students & Alumni).