Pomona Account Setup

In order to use the Pomona College network, you must have a windows account. There are two types of accounts, Windows and Exchange (e-mail) which are available to all Pomona faculty, staff and students. All accounts are subject to the Appropriate Use Policy of Pomona College.

If you are a new Pomona College faculty or staff member, your account request will be triggered automatically when you complete your employment paperwork with Human Resources. Once this has been completed, contact the Service Desk to pick up your Windows username and password.

An orientation to computing at Pomona College will be scheduled for you when you arrive on campus. If someone from the ITS Client Services Group has not already contacted you, it is important that you contact the Service Desk as soon as possible

All accounts are subject to the Appropriate Use Policy of Pomona College.


Your Exchange account provides robust e-mail services using Microsoft Outlook, or the POP or IMAP email client of your choice. Understand though that some clients may not be supported by the ITS Service Desk.
More information: Email Setup

You can also access your e-mail from any web browser using Pomona Webmail (the Outlook Web Access client)
More information: Pomona Webmail


You can reset your password using the Password Manager service at https://identity.pomona.edu

Please use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari (Password Manager does not work correctly with Google Chrome)

If you have not used this service and do not have your password, you can contact an ITS support staff member to reset it manually.

More information: Passwords

User Account Disk Space

The disk quota for your Faculty/Staff account is 10 GB.
This is a soft limit — you will be warned if you exceed the limit.

The email box quota for Faculty/Staff is 250 MB.
You will be warned at 200 MB. Once the 250Mb limit is exceeded, you will be unable to send email. (you will be still able to receive email)

More information: Account Quotas