Tech Tip: Pomona WiFi registration problem

PROBLEM: You register your computer successfully on the Pomona Wireless Network, but when you try to connect to the Internet, you are still redirected to the Pomona registration page. When you try to register again, you receive the error “Client Already Registered”

SOLUTION: Change your wireless network from Pomona to Pomona Guest, bring up your web browser, and connect to another web page. Then go back to the Pomona wireless network. You should now be able to connect to the Internet using Pomona.

Update to Box Sync


If you are a Box user with Box Sync installed, please note that will begin auto-updating users to version 4 of Sync this week.

This update process will only work with accounts that have permissions set to allow software installation. If this is you, when the update is available, you will see an alert in the Box Sync application to install the new version.

Sync 4.0 will store local files in a new folder called “Box Sync.” The default location for this new folder on a Windows PC is: C:\Users\[username]\Box Sync. On a Mac it is: ~\Box Sync. Sync 4.0 has a built-in migration process that will transfer your locally synced Box content to this new folder.

If the files in your computer’s Box Sync folder aren’t completely in sync with what’s on the Box server, when you upgrade, Box Sync 4 will use what’s been uploaded to their server as the starting point. Any un-synced content on your computer will be put in a new folder: “Box Files Backup (not synced).” That way none of your work will be lost, and you can decide which of those files need to be moved into your new Box Sync folder.

For more information about upgrading’s Sync:

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the ITS Service Desk by either calling 18061 (or 909-621-8061) or emailing us at