Update to Box Sync


If you are a Box user with Box Sync installed, please note that Box.com will begin auto-updating users to version 4 of Sync this week.

This update process will only work with accounts that have permissions set to allow software installation. If this is you, when the update is available, you will see an alert in the Box Sync application to install the new version.

Sync 4.0 will store local files in a new folder called “Box Sync.” The default location for this new folder on a Windows PC is: C:\Users\[username]\Box Sync. On a Mac it is: ~\Box Sync. Sync 4.0 has a built-in migration process that will transfer your locally synced Box content to this new folder.

If the files in your computer’s Box Sync folder aren’t completely in sync with what’s on the Box server, when you upgrade, Box Sync 4 will use what’s been uploaded to their server as the starting point. Any un-synced content on your computer will be put in a new folder: “Box Files Backup (not synced).” That way none of your work will be lost, and you can decide which of those files need to be moved into your new Box Sync folder.

For more information about upgrading Box.com’s Sync:

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the ITS Service Desk by either calling 18061 (or 909-621-8061) or emailing us at servicedesk@pomona.edu.

Claremont Colleges Single Sign-On

ITS is pleased to announce the inauguration of a new service designed to provide true “single sign-on” capabilities to all of the web based services available to individuals with a Pomona login ID and password. Pomona has been working in collaboration with the other Claremont Colleges to develop this Central Authentication Service (also referred to as “CAS”) for the consortium.

ITS will be working over the next few months to move all of the existing web services (e.g. the my.pomona campus portal, UltiPro) to the new Central Authentication Service (CAS) and, of course, as new services are added, they will automatically be brought in under the new login system.

 the new CAS login screen

The new Claremont CAS login screen

What this means for you is that once you sign in with your Pomona login id and password to one of the services set up for central authentication, you will not be asked to enter your login credentials again to access any of the other web services available to you. This will hopefully make it much easier for you to access the various services/resources available to you.

Along with this ease of use though comes some added responsibility because of the fact that once you log in to one service, all the others to which you have access become available without any additional login required. Therefore, it is very important that you lock your computer before you walk away from your desk and make sure you have logged out of all services in order to prevent someone else from using your computer to gain access to all of your services, as there are some which may contain personal information about yourself or others.

For those of you who have activated your Box account, you have already been using the central authentication service. The second major service to be added will be Sakai and that will happen on 27 May.

Your login id and password will stay the same. The only change you will experience is a new login screen for the first service you connect to. On that screen, you will need to select Pomona College and then enter your Pomona login ID and password (if you select “Remember My College” you will not need to select your college on subsequent logins).

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us or call the ITS Service Desk (ext. 18061).

- Ken Pflueger, Exec Director of ITS