A Note on System Performance

First, my apologies for the sparse communications regarding the outages of the last several days. Email tends to be the primary mode of communication for many members of the campus community, so if email is down or has persistent performance issues, it really creates a challenge for getting any information out. We do try to use some outside channels for communications in these situations such as our Twitter and Facebook accounts. I do realize that those options may be less than ideal. We are definitely investigating potential alternatives, but right now we don’t have any.

The events of the past several days were sort of a perfect storm. The major outage of the consortium’s network core on Sunday followed by another outage on Monday, although of shorter duration, were consortium wide and affected all network systems. Those events were unrelated to system performance issues we were experiencing here at Pomona on Monday and Tuesday.
While there were several factors causing Pomona’s performance problems, a significant factor was that we have systems distributed between two on-campus data centers for disaster recovery purposes, which normally is a good thing. But it was finally discovered late yesterday that some rodents had decided to make a meal of the fibre lines connecting these distributed systems. They left the lines enough intact so that light was passing through the lines, but the lines were compromised sufficiently to cause unreliability in the connections.

All systems should be fully operational, so if you are still experiencing any issues, please contact the ITS Service Desk. I know that particularly at this time in the semester these events were an additional source of frustration. I appreciate your patience!

Ken Pflueger, Exec Director of ITS

Warning regarding Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

Greetings Faculty and Staff,

I wanted to resend this message as in the past few days, we’ve had a few reports come in about severe incompatibilities between Microsoft Office and the newest Mac Operating system.

In particular, Microsoft Outlook has regularly crashed for some individuals after the upgrade, to the point of being unusable.

Recognizing this limitation, we strongly advise that you do not upgrade to El Capitan at this time.

Please contact the ITS Service Desk (help@pomona.edu or 909-621-8061) with any questions.