PaperCut: New Print Management Software

ITS has been working over the summer to improve the reliability and availability of our print services, which involved setting up a new print server and upgrading our print management system.
If you have network printers installed from last year, you’ll need to remove those, and re-add the desired printers. Instructions are available on our KnowledgeBase website, at Just search on “lab printing.”

Some of the benefits include:

  • Students can login to and check their print quota and recent print history.
  • Students can transfer quota funds to each other, making collaborative printing projects (such as group posters) easier to cost-share.
  • Charges to student print quotas are more accurate now, with enhanced print verification.
  • Students can easily see the environmental impact of their printing.

There are more benefits yet to be implemented down the line such as easier printing from the Mac iOS and mobile printing.

Tech Tip: Pomona WiFi registration problem

PROBLEM: You register your computer successfully on the Pomona Wireless Network, but when you try to connect to the Internet, you are still redirected to the Pomona registration page. When you try to register again, you receive the error “Client Already Registered”

SOLUTION: Change your wireless network from Pomona to Pomona Guest, bring up your web browser, and connect to another web page. Then go back to the Pomona wireless network. You should now be able to connect to the Internet using Pomona.