Print Quota Changes


ITS is making changes in student print quotas as well as in the actual per page cost of printing. For the last 12 years, for black/white printing ITS has been charging $.02/page (even for a duplexed job), and each student was provided with a quota of $10.00 each semester for non-seniors, and a quota of $20 for seniors.

Effective 1 February 2015, ITS will be raising the per semester print quota for non-seniors to $20.00 and $40.00 for seniors. At the same time, ITS will be increasing the price for black and white duplex printing to $.04/page in order to bring our printing charges more in line with the actual print costs. ITS will also be lowering the cost of color printing from $.50/page down to $.25/page because of a decline in the actual costs of color printing.

ITS has reviewed the average quota usage through the years and it doesn’t appear that this change will affect most students. Only those students who manage to use all of their print quota would be looking at paying the higher rate.

– Ken Pflueger, Exec Director of ITS

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