Claiming your Pomona College account

For our newly enrolling students, you will want to be claim your Pomona College account to access those things you need to complete for Admissions and to meet your deadlines. Here is how to claim your account:

CAUTION: Please make sure that you allow enough time to complete the sign up process for the new password reset service. If you stop and pause for 10 minutes or longer, the system will lock up and you will need to call ITS to reset it for you. ITS will not be in the office between 3 p.m. December 22nd and 8 a.m. January 3rd because of the staff holiday and College closure. It should take around two to three minutes at most to go through the steps. But, to be on the safe side, we recommend you wait to begin the process until you will have 5 minutes to complete the steps below.

The information below will show you how to claim your user account and set your password using the campus’s Identity Management Service:

1. Please visit:

2. Complete the CAPTCHA (Are You a Robot) screen if prompted to do so.
NOTE: With some browsers, you may not see this. Proceed to the next step if you do not.

Activate Your Account
Enter the following information:

  • Your Pomona College username (e.g., CESX2015, CES01946, etc.)
  • Your last name
  • Your Pomona College ID (the 8-digit number of your Pomona College issued ID).
    Be sure to leave off any leading zeros, and don’t include any numbers after the hyphen.

If you know your username and password, but do not know your Pomona College ID#, please visit:

3. Click the ‘Activate Account’ button to proceed.

4. Next, review the terms and conditions, then check the ‘I Agree’ box and hit ‘Continue’ to proceed to the next screen.

Success and Update Profile
After your account has been found, you will be guided through the remaining steps: resetting your password and providing an alternate email address for account recovery purposes.

Click through the next few screens.

Change Password

Enter your password to register it with the Pomona College Identity Management System to sync it with resources across the Pomona computing systems. You may keep your current password or enter a new one.

After your password has been successfully set, continue on to enter alternate contact information, which will only be used to help you recover your account.

Update Profile
Please review the message on the screen, check the ‘I Agree’ box to continue onto the next screen, where you will enter your alternate contact information.

Enter your alternate contact information.

We require that you enter an alternate (non-Pomona College) email address that we can use to help you recover your account. It is also highly recommended that you also enter your SMS-enabled mobile phone number, as many users find this to be the most convenient way to reset their password.
After the account claim process has been completed, you can add challenge questions by logging into with your username and password.

Confirm Data Profile

Review the contact information that you entered, and if correct click ‘Confirm’ to continue on.

Your contact information has successfully been entered. Continue on to complete the account claim process.

Main Menu
At this point, you have successfully claimed your account. To log into the service, go to:

Enter your username and password. From there, you can:

  • Set up security (or challenge) questions
  • Change your current password, and…
  • Reset your password if it is forgotten or lost.

You’re all set!

ITS Service Desk Hours: Observing the Winter Break as of 3 p.m. December 22nd

ITS Service Desk will be unstaffed beginning 3 p.m. on Thursday December 22nd and remain so until 7:30 a.m. Tuesday, January 3rd in observation of the holiday and College closure.

When the Service Desk is closed, you can still get information and answers by using the ITS Knowledge Base which is available at (you will need to log in).

If a service outage is experienced, we will update this web page and our Twitter account (@PomonaHelp).

ITS Expands “Loaner Pool”

For many years, ITS has maintained a small, ragtag collection of equipment affectionately known as the ITS Loaner Pool. The Loaner Pool was devised so that faculty and staff would have short-term access to a laptop, projector, or video camera. Demand for the service grew and it soon became a must-have service for the College.
This summer, ITS has replaced the equipment in the pool with all-new, lighter laptops and laptop bags, audio equipment and more modern cameras and projectors. Access to the ITS Loaner Pool was also expanded to include Pomona students.

The procedure for requesting equipment from the Pool has changed slightly. All requests need to be reserved at least 24 hours in advance if possible by submitting a request to Borrowers will need to submit what equipment they wish to borrow and the dates that they will need the equipment. Loans are restricted to 1 week, but consideration may be taken in longer loans. Availability of equipment is not guaranteed, depending on demand. We expect demand to be high, so make sure that you make equipment requests ahead of time, but no more than 2 weeks in advance.

Borrowers will now need to fill out a form stating their understanding of the policy and assumption of financial responsibility (either billing a department or student account for loss or damage) and to inspect the equipment to ensure everything is working upon checkout and check in.

The procedure for longer term loans remains the same – send an e-mail to we will try to accommodate reasonable requests or we may be able or point you in the right direction. Students seeking longer term computer loans may wish to contact the Dean of Students Office for options.

Also, keep in mind that many spaces on campus are equipped with computers and projectors.

For a more in-depth look at the ITS Loaner Pool policy, please review:

Equipment Lending

ITS Welcomes Cole Maddox


ITS is very pleased to welcome Steven (Cole) Maddox to our team. He steps into the role of Deputy Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Enterprise Services. In this role, he will oversee Information Services and AISO, which provide support for both Pomona and consortial administrative systems, and our Infrastructure and System Services team, which manages our servers, security, authentication and cloud systems.

Cole comes to us from The Westminster Schools, a private, highly-regarded K-12 located in Atlanta, Georgia, where he was Chief Technology Officer. Before his time at The Westminster Schools, he was Chief Information Officer for Oglethorpe University, a private liberal arts college, also located in Atlanta, Georgia.

A native of Georgia, Cole recently drove the epic journey of 2,145 miles from Atlanta to join us here in Claremont. Cole is married with three children who hope to join him here in December. His hobbies are Scouting with his children, hiking and camping. He is a certified Emergency Medical Responder and has a secret passion for Pokémon Go.

ITS Fall 2016 Newsletter is now available

The newsletter is available at this link:

Fall 2016 Newsletter (6.9Mb PDF)

Please let us know of any comments or questions you might have.

Welcome Back!

We’re so glad to see you. If there’s anything Information Technology Services can do for you, please stop by and see us or give us a call at 909-621-8061 or email us at

Remember there is online help available to you 24×7 in our Knowledge Base at

Here’s to another great academic year!

High Tea @ IT

Topic: Secure Yourself!
Friday, July 15 at 3:15pm in the Cowart IT Building Conference Room

Refreshments Served!

Please RSVP Julie Journitz by July 12 so we have enough tea.

High Tea Flyer

To our graduating seniors

gradpomWe want to let you know how ITS will be working to transition you to your new “graduated student” status. First of all, your MyMail e-mail account will be yours to keep indefinitely, with a few provisions. Microsoft will keep the account active as long as you login to the MyMail website at least once every 6 months; without that regular check-in, Microsoft will suspend the account and potentially clear out any old messages.
Speaking of e-mail, the one address that will remain with you is the format, so that is the address you’ll want to be sure to use going forward for all correspondence. We will keep your alias through December of this year to help you make the transition, but be sure and update any systems that use your Pomona address to the MyMail address format.

While your network account will remain active for ongoing portal access, your network space on the Fargo server will be inaccessible after June 30th, so be sure and copy any important files you need to your own computer’s drive, external hard drive, flash drive, or personal cloud storage.
If you wish to donate any remaining print quota balance to another student, you can go to and login using campus\userid and click “Transfers” on the left. Just enter the person’s user ID in the “transfer to user” box; you can determine their ID based on their Pomona MyMail e-mail address.

April 2016 ITSMonthly

ITS Monthly

Please click below to access the April 2016 version of the ITSMonthly. This month we feature the Physics Department and its use of video in teaching and learning, the new Course Scheduler and ITS employee, Steve Moss. We’ve also added a tip page for those craving a little techno topic.

download the April 2016 ITSMonthly

Sportscode Gamebreak a Game Changer

Alex and Computer
Alex La, the Interim Head Coach for the Pomona-Pitzer Men’s Water Polo and Women’s Water Polo programs in 2015-16, submitted a Hahn grant for the acquisition of equipment that would enable the coaches to tag segments of game films to organize the films for teaching and coaching the
tactics and the fundamentals of the sport to student athletes.

In a recent conversation with Alex and Tamara Perea, the assistant coach of the Pomona-Pitzer Women’s Water Polo program , it was clear that the ability to be able to use this software for teaching and coaching so quickly was “a game changer”. SportsCode Gamebreak can separate all aspects of a game or a practice into clips that can be organized by multiple attributes or “tags” such as offensive, defensive or even specific clips of an individual player. This can occur during a game or it can be brought back into the classroom for review and teaching.

Prior to this, the only alternative was for the student athletes to watch the entire video rather than those segments that are relevant to improving their game. Alex said that the students after watching the video repeatedly would “lose their attention, their focus”, thereby
defeating the purpose of it.

Tamara and Alex both noted that the Women’s team is a very young team (with 9 freshmen on it) and having the ability to focus on the tactics, “learning the game” was key to their improvement. After practices, the video can be taken right into the classroom for teaching and coaching the athletes.
Alex said last year he even posted videos on Sakai for students to review independently. Classroom sessions are now about 90% video and 10% whiteboard, said Alex.

Another way of using the software is as positive reinforcement. La put together a “Pump Up Video” last year showing all the goals the athletes had scored in the season. A student (Adam) dropping by the conversation said that these video clips personalize the game for students and allow them to “go in depth on what you’re doing right and wrong.”

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