Wireless networks at Pomona College


The Pomona wireless network provides the best performance and access to Pomona network resources.

Pomona was created to duplicate the wired network infrastructure not provided by the other wireless networks.  Those who connect to Pomona wireless have the same access they would have if the connected to an ethernet (wired) port.

The Pomona wireless network is only available to Pomona College faculty, staff and students. All wireless devices needed to be registered in order to use the Pomona wireless network. To register, connect to Pomona wireless and open a web browser. The browser will be automatically re-directed to the registration page.


The Pomona-Guest wireless network should be used by guests of Pomona College (alumni, speakers, parents, vendors, auditors, etc.) that need quick and short term access to the Internet.


The Claremont-WPA wireless network is more secure then Pomona because the traffic is encrypted over the air whereas Pomona is open and can be sniffed.  However, most Pomona College website sites, like My.pomona.edu, use SSL to encrypt data.

Claremont-WPA wireless was created for those who travel through all the Claremont Colleges and want consistent network access.

Please visit http://autoconnect.claremont.edu to setup this connection. Doing so will allow one to use Claremont-WPA without having to authenticate each time after connecting. This connection should only need to be updated once a year due to certificate expirations updates.

However, the Claremont-WPA wireless network does not allow one to run Keyserved applications (Adobe CS and others), access Windows and SMB server paths or print to networked printers. Please enable the Pomona College VPN connection to access these network resources.

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Claremont-ETC wireless wireless is the catch all network for devices that do not have a web browser to setup or authentication the connection. Gaming and media devices (such as TiVo, Roku, Xbox, etc.) should use this wireless network in place of Pomona wireless.

Claremont-ETC wireless wireless requires a simple WEP key. To obtain the latest WEP key, please log in to the KnowledgeBase.

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Claremont wireless wireless is the non-secure portal authentication access for meant for short term use and is probably the simplest to get onto around all the Claremont wireless Colleges

At this time, there is no support for VPN on Claremont wireless wireless. Thus, to run Keyserved applications (Adobe CS and others), access Windows and SMB server paths or print to lab printers, use the AcadTS Terminal Server.

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