Your account

Each Pomona College student, faculty, and staff member is eligible for a Box account. Your account has 50 GB of storage, which can be increased if there is space available and by submitting a request to ITS. There is a 10 GB single file size limitation. You can access your account from anywhere and on any device.

Self-Enrollment Process

Pomona College students, faculty, and staff can self-enroll for Box accounts by visiting My Campus Portal at For faculty and staff, after you are signed in, select “Box” in the left hand column. Click the “Create your Box Account” button. Follow the instructions to complete your account. For students, after you are signed in, select “Computing and Email” from the center column. Click the “Create your Box Account” button. Follow the instructions to complete your enrollment.


Logging in for the first time

If you have not received a Box account activation email, or if your invitation to join has expired (14 days after the email), please contact ITS. After you receive your account activation email, you will be able to use your account for the first time by logging in with your Pomona College login (e.g., and password. Also, enter your official Pomona College email (e.g., Use this link to access your Box account:

Single Sign On

The Pomona College Single Sign On system will work with Box after entering your Pomona College email when logging in for the first time. If you are already logged into another Pomona College application such as myHR, you will be able to access Box without having to enter your credentials again from the link. If you are not already logged in, you will be directed to the pages shown below for authentication. Click, “Continue”, then on the Single Sign On page, select Pomona College and enter your Pomona username and password.

Pomona log in

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 10.03.42 AM

If you enter the Box website using the URL, you can log on by clicking “Single Sign On” and then entering your Pomona email address, as seen in the following two screenshots. The Single Sign On page shown above will appear where you enter your Pomona credentials. single sign on single sign on

Department and project accounts

Department and project accounts are also available by contacting ITS. Both types of accounts are administered by ITS, who will assign co-owners to the account. These accounts exist indefinitely, even if a co-owner leaves Pomona College or is otherwise taken off the account.