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Campus Portal Up

Concerning the portal issues some people were experiencing this weekend, the workload for the Pomona portal service is actually shared between two servers. The reason the portal service worked for some and not others this weekend is because one of the two servers supporting the load encountered a problem that caused it to enter a state of operation that didn\”™t allow it to respond to web requests correctly, but allowed it to continue to function normally otherwise. So, any request that came into the server functioning abnormally was not handled properly while any request passed to the other server was processed correctly. It appears that the problem stemmed from a conflict between the portal server software and the server\’s operating system. ITS has taken steps to correct the problem. The portal servers appear to be running normally now and we will continue to monitor it closely

My.Pomona portal down

The My.Pomona portal is currently down. We’ve alerted the appropriate people, and hope to have the issues resolved very soon.

Portal outage

We have been receiving reports that users are unable to connect to the portal, and ITS staff are working with CUC and Informix to diagnose and repair the problem. We will add more information as it becomes available.


Portal Problems

The Informix service that ties together various databases supplying information to the portal started having problems late this morning. This means that you will receive error messages while trying to access data in the portal, although you may still be able to log in. Administrative computing staff have been notified and are working to resolve the problem. Please check the blog for more updates.

Eric Mann
Desktop Support

[UPDATE, 10/25, 10:52 AM] We’ve been notified that Informix is having the same problem again. Administrative Computing and AISO are working on the problem. – Eric

[update, 10/27, 2:43 PM] I’ve received word that the problem causing the portal login errors may have been fixed. If you have had problems logging in recently, please try again now. Contact the helpdesk at x. 18062 if you are still having trouble. – Eric

5 College-wide Portal Outage

The main box that houses the portal server has suffered a hardware failure, so while students and faculty will be able to get into the portal, most of the links will not work and will return an error. As soon as we have more information we will let you know.

UPDATE: http://sis.claremontmckenna.edu:51080/cgi-bin/course/pccrscatarea.cgi has class schedules.

UPDATE2: It’s alive!

Update 8/31, 9:05 PM
The supers have been notified that the portal server is having memory problems. CUC Information Technology is responsible for Jenzabar support and has contacted the vendor to get the problem fixed; until then intermittent outages are likely. Stay tuned for more updates…


Update 9/8, 2:57 PM

The portal returned “DataAccess” errors whenever people tried to access http://my.pomona.edu for a short time this afternoon. Administrative Computing staff members changed some settings, which restored connectivity.


Scheduled (Brief) Downtimes for Portal and Webmail

The head of ITS issued the following message this morning:
“Until ITS is able to resolve the persistent problems we are experiencing with both the portal server and the webmail (OWA) server going down at unpredictable intervals, I have decided that we will reboot each system everyday at a set time so the downtime is predictable. Beginning immediately, we will be rebooting these servers at 6:00 am each morning.

This means that all portal services and webmail services will be down from 6:00 am to 6:15 am each day.”

Happy holidays and enjoy your break!

My.Pomona.Edu Portal Down Briefly

The my.pomona.edu Portal was down for about 15 minutes this afternoon at about 3:15. Network management reports that they took the server down in order to add more RAM to the machine. At this point it appears to be back up and functioning.

Portal cannot display information

A student called the helpdesk this morning to report that he can log into the my.pomona.edu portal successfully, but attempts to retrieve information produce an following error message. I duplicated the problem from the consultant computer trying to log in to my own account.

WinHttp.WinHttpRequest error ‘80072efd’

A connection with the server could not be established

/scripts/ASP/PCCXCRMStudent.asp, line 638

The error message affects Records, Profile, student schedule. Clicking on Financial Aid links redirects me to the portal homepage instead of the appropriate destination.


Portal Authentication Problems

At the moment no user appears to be able to log into the student portal. We have already spoken to a full-time staff member and he is working on the error. We will update as soon as we have either an estimate or an update. We apologize for the inconvenience.

UPDATE [9:24 PM, Chris “the man” Wilson] The portal server has been rebooted, and it seems to be working fine now.

More on the Portal

Currently, the email link on the portal is not working. It is attempting to authenticate to the wrong server, so it will keep prompting you for a username and password even though you keep entering the right info. The Portal Administrator just informed me that this should be fixed by the end of the day.

If you experience any other problems with the portal, let us know! Here’s how:

1. A screenshot of the problem often helps. To take a screenshot, press the PrtScr (Print Screen) button on your keyboard, then open up Microsoft Paint or a similar program, and go to the Edit menu, and select paste. This will paste in the captured screen image. Save the file as a .JPEG.

2. Send an email to supers (by clicking this link) with the screenshot attached. The message should be a detailed description of the problem and the steps which lead to it. Your browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, etc.) is another important piece of information to include.

That’s it!

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